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The name is a compound of elements: ''[[fân]]'' "veil" (see ''[[fana]]'') or ''[[fan]]'' "white"<ref>{{L|211}}</ref> and [[Uilos]].
The name is a compound of elements: ''[[fân]]'' "veil" (see ''[[fana]]'') or ''[[fan]]'' "white"<ref>{{L|211}}</ref> and [[Uilos]].<ref>{{PE|17}}, p. 174</ref>
[[category:Sindarin names]]
[[category:feminine names]]
[[Category:Sindarin names]]
[[Category:feminine names]]

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Fanuilos is an epithet of Varda and means "bright (angelic) figure ever white (as snow)"[1]

[edit] Etymology

The name is a compound of elements: fân "veil" (see fana) or fan "white"[2] and Uilos.[3]


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