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Farmer Maggot

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"Farmer" Maggot
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Hair colorProbably brown
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Farmer Maggot was a Hobbit who lived in Bamfurlong in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. He farmed in the Marish, close to the Shire's borders. Like many Hobbits of the borderlands he lived above ground, as opposed to a Hobbit-hole.

He was very cautious for a Hobbit and kept three large dogs to protect him: Fang, Grip, and Wolf. Because Frodo Baggins used to steal mushrooms from him, he imagined him as a terrifying strange old Hobbit.

Farmer Maggot was familiar with Tom Bombadil.

Before entering the Old Forest, Frodo, Sam Gamgee and


Tolkien says that the name "Maggot" is a Hobbitish name whose meaning is lost in history. Maggot should not be understood as the English word maggot or larva. The similarity is coincidental.

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