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'''fazne, farne''' means "foliage" in [[Quenya]]
'''''fazne''''', '''''farne''''' means "foliage" in [[Quenya]].
The word comes from [[PQ]] *''phasnê'' from a [[Sundocarmë|Root]] [[PHAS]] <ref>{{VT|46}}, p.9</ref>
The word comes from a [[Sundocarmë|Root]] [[PHAS]].<ref>{{VT|46a}}, p. 9</ref>
Primitive *''fasne'' in Quenya came to be ''fazne'' and then finally ''farne'' (''z'' becomes ''r'') in [[Noldorin]] Quenya. [[Vanyarin]] would still pronounce it ''fazne''.
It is not known if that word is part of the name ''[[Orofarnë|Orofarne]]'' meaning "mountain-dwelling".<ref>{{L|168}}</ref> It could be that "foliage" could by extension have the poetical meaning of "dwelling" for [[Ents]] and trees, or it could be a totally unrelated word.{{or}}
[[category:Quenya nouns]]
[[Category:Quenya nouns]]

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fazne, farne means "foliage" in Quenya.

[edit] Etymology

The word comes from a Root PHAS.[1]


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