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#REDIRECT [[Fastred, son of Folcwine]]
'''Fastred''' ("Firm counsel") can refer to the following characters:
* [[Fastred (Son of Folcwine)|Fastred]] (died {{TA|2885}}), son of [[Kings of Rohan|King]] [[Folcwine]] of [[Rohan]] who, with his twin-brother [[Folcred]], fell at the [[Fords of Poros]].
* [[Fastred (rider of Rohan)|Fastred]] (died {{TA|3019}}), a knight of [[Théoden]]'s house who fell in the [[Battle of the Pelennor Fields|Battle of Pelennor Fields]]. 
* [[Fastred of Greenholm]] ([[Fourth Age]]), the first [[Warden of Westmarch]] and the husband of [[Elanor Gardner|Elanor Fairbairns]].

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Fastred ("Firm counsel") can refer to the following characters:

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