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Ferumbras Took III

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Ferumbras Took III
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials
BirthT.A. 2916
DeathT.A. 3015
ParentageFortinbras II and
Lalia Clayhanger
Physical Description

Ferumbras Took III was born in T.A. 2916 the son of Thain Fortinbras II and Lalia Clayhanger, who inherited the Thainship from his father in 2980 at the age of 64.

As Lalia outlived her husband, in accordance with Took tradition she continued as matriarch of the family, and despite Ferumbras being Thain he was only accorded a small bachelor pad in Great Smials.

It was during his time as Shire-thain that Bilbo Baggins's famous Birthday Party was held, and though he is not mentioned in detailed accounts of the Party, we do know that he was present. He died in the year Third Age 3015, just three years before Frodo set out from The Shire. As Ferumbras left no heir the Thainship passed to his second cousin, Paladin Took II.


Gerontius, The Old Took = Adamanta Chubb
          |             |              |
      Isengrim III  Isumbras IV  Hildigrim Took = Rosa Baggins
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
Lalia Clayhanger = Fortinbras II          Adalgrim Took
                 |                    __________|_____________________________
                 |                   |          |                             |
            FERUMBRAS III      3 daughters  Paladin II = Eglantine Banks  Esmeralda = Saradoc Brandybuck
                          _____________________________|                            |
                         |        |         |          |                            |
                       Pearl  Pimpernel  Pervinca  Peregrin I              Meriadoc Brandybuck


"Ferumbras" is of French and Latin origin and likely means "wild-armed". It comes from the ferus meaning "wild" or "fierce", and the French bras, from the Latin brachium, meaning "arm".

"Ferumbras" is another name for "Fierabras" (meaning "brave-arm") who is a Saracen knight who appears in French legendary history.

Internally, it is likely Ferumbras III is named after a Ferumbras I (or Ferumbras II who is in turn named after Ferumbras I) whose history is unknown to us as he is not directly named by Tolkien, and is only assumed to exist as one of the unnamed "Eight Thains of the Took Line" based on titular numbering.


Preceded by:
Fortinbras Took II
30th Thain of The Shire
III 2980 - 3015
Followed by:
Paladin Took II