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Fifty New Poems for Children

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Fifty New Poems for Children
Fifty New Poems for Children 1st Edition 1922 HB.jpg
PublisherOxford: Basil Blackwell
Released1st Edition 1922

Fifty New Poems for Children is a book which includes J.R.R. Tolkien's poem "Goblin Feet". Blackwell ascribed the poem to "J.R.R. Tolkein" (in the table of contents, above the poem and in the index).[1]

Although the book does not give a publication date, 1922 can be assumed[2]. It contains pieces published in 1922 and a copy with a January 1923 dated inscription has been seen. The British Library catalogues also list it as 1922, and the book was advertised in the Asiatic Review of April 1922[3].

Reprinted in 1924 & 1929.

American editions have been seen published by Bretano’s (undated) and Appleton & Co. (1924).


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