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'''Fimbrethil''' meaning "slim-birch"<ref>1966 Index</ref><ref>{{HM|AF}}</ref> was the [[Sindarin]] name of [[Wandlimb]], [[Treebeard]]'s long-lost [[Entwives|entwife]].   
'''Fimbrethil''' was the [[Sindarin]] name of [[Wandlimb]], [[Treebeard]]'s long-lost [[Entwives|entwife]].   
''Fimbrethil'' contains the word ''[[brethil]]'' "birch" and also the otherwise unattested *''[[fim]]'' which has the meaning of "slim, slender".
''Fimbrethil'' consists of the words ''[[fim]]'' and ''[[Brethil (Sindarin word)|brethil]]''.
Different translations given by [[J.R.R. Tolkien]] were: "slender-beech"<ref>{{HM|AF}}</ref>, "slim-birch"<ref>[[J.R.R. Tolkien]], ''[[1966 Index]]''</ref>, and "slender princess"<ref>{{PE|17}}, p. 82</ref>.

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Fimbrethil was the Sindarin name of Wandlimb, Treebeard's long-lost entwife.


Fimbrethil consists of the words fim and brethil.

Different translations given by J.R.R. Tolkien were: "slender-beech"[1], "slim-birch"[2], and "slender princess"[3].


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