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In {{FoA|172}}, King [[Aragorn|Elessar]] ordered Findegil to write a copy of the  [[Thain's Book]] for the [[Thain]] of the [[Shire]].<ref>{{FR|Records}}</ref>
In {{FoA|172}}, Findegil wrote a copy of the  [[Thain's Book]] for the [[Thain]] of the [[Shire]], probably at the request of [[Peregrin Took]]'s great-grandson.<ref>{{FR|Records}}</ref>

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Biographical Information
PositionKing's Writer
BirthEarly Fourth Age
Physical Description
Findegil was the King's Writer of Gondor in the Fourth Age.


In Fo.A. 172, Findegil wrote a copy of the Thain's Book for the Thain of the Shire, probably at the request of Peregrin Took's great-grandson.[1]


Findegil is Sindarin and possibly means "skilled pen" and contains tegil "pen"

The first element of the name seems to be *fin- "skill" (root PHIN-; cf. Old Noldorin finde[2]). There is also a word fîn "hair".


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