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'''Fire''' can refer to the following:
'''Fire''' can refer to:
* the Ring of Fire, [[Narya]]
* [[Fire-drakes]], fire-breathing [[dragons]].
* the [[Secret Fire]]
* The [[Hall of Fire]], a large meeting-place in [[Rivendell]].
* [[Fire of Ilúvatar]]
* The Mountain of Fire, [[Mount Doom|Orodruin]].
* [[Fire-drakes]]
* The Ring of Fire, [[Narya]].
* [[Orodruin]], the Mountain of Fire
* The [[Secret Fire]], a mysterious concept concerning the power of creation.
* the [[Hall of Fire]] in [[Rivendell]]
** Also known as: [[Fire of Ilúvatar]]; [[Flame Imperishable]].
* ''[[Fire and Water]]'', a chapter of ''[[The Hobbit]]''
* ''[[Fires of the North]]'', a chapter of ''[[The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar]]''.
==See also==
* ''[[Fire and Water (disambiguation)]]''

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Fire can refer to:

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