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(Comprehensive understanding of the Firmament is needed (not just in regard to the Timeless Halls).)
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==Timeless Halls==
The '''Firmament''' encompasses the highest spaces of the infinite [[Timeless Halls|abode]] of [[Ilúvatar]] and the [[Ainur]].<ref>{{S|Ainu}}</ref>
The '''Firmament''', in regard to the [[Timeless Halls]], encompasses the highest regions of the infinite [[Timeless Halls|abode]] of [[Ilúvatar]] and the [[Ainur]]<sup>(1)</sup>.
"In the midst of this strife, whereat the [[Timeless Halls|halls]] of [[Ilúvatar]] shook and a tremor ran out into the silences yet unmoved, [[Ilúvatar]] arose a third time, and his face was terrible to behold. Then he raised up both his hands, and in one chord, deeper than the [[Abyss]], higher than the '''Firmament''', piercing as the light of the eye of [[Ilúvatar]], the [[Music of the Ainur|Music]] ceased."
- [[The Silmarillion]], "[[Ainulindalë]]"
The '''Firmament''', in regard to [[Arda]], encompasses all of the regions beyond [[Arda]].  It includes all of the celestial objects but does not include the atmosphere around [[Arda]]<sup>(2)</sup>.
In [[Elvish]] (both [[Quenya]] and [[Sindarin]]), the word for the Firmament in regard to Arda is [[Menel|Menel]]<sup>(3)</sup>.
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The Firmament encompasses the highest spaces of the infinite abode of Ilúvatar and the Ainur.[1]


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