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* [[Eöl]] is executed.
* Whilst [[Eöl]] is in the mountains feasting with the [[Dwarves of the Blue Mountains|dwarves]], [[Aredhel]] and [[Maeglin]] escape [[Nan Elmoth]] and go to [[Gondolin]]. They are secretly followed by [[Eöl]] who is then given the choice to either stay in Gondolin or to die. Eöl attempts to kill Maeglin but Aredhel jumps in front of the dart. Death of Aredhel.<ref name="Maeglin"/><ref name="GA">{{GA|120}}, p. 48</ref>
* [[Eöl]] is cast off the [[Caragdûr]] for killing Aredhel. Death of Eöl.<ref name="Maeglin">{{S|16}}</ref><ref name="GA"/>
* Birth of [[Barahir]].<ref>{{WJ|West}}, p. 231</ref>
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Year of
the Sun:

First Age 400 (abbreviated to F.A. 400) is the 400th year of the Sun of the First Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include:


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