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First Age 460

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* [[Barahir's Outlaw Band]] is destroyed by [[Sauron]].
** [[Baragund]] is slain.
* Out of a desire to see [[Eilinel|his wife]], [[Gorlim]] is tricked by [[Sauron]] into betraying [[Barahir]]'s [[Barahir's Outlaw Band|band of outlaws]].<ref name="Beren">{{S|19}}</ref>
** [[Barahir]] is slain.
* Deaths of [[Barahir]], [[Baragund]], [[Belegund]], [[Arthad]], [[Dagnir]], [[Dairuin]], [[Gildor (outlaw)|Gildor]], [[Gorlim|Gorlim the Unhappy]], [[Hathaldir]], [[Radhruin]], [[Ragnor]] and [[Urthel]].<ref name="Beren"/>
** [[Belegund]] is slain.
* [[Beren]], the only survivor, hunts down the [[orcs]] and retrieves [[Ring of Barahir|his father's ring]].<ref>{{GA|168}}</ref>
** [[Dagnir]] is slain.
** [[Dairuin]] is slain.
** [[Radhruin]] is slain.
** [[Urthel]] is slain.
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Year of
the Sun:

First Age 460 (abbreviated to F.A. 460) is the 460th year of the Sun of the First Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include:


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