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* [[Second Kinslaying]]: The kingdom of [[Doriath]] comes to an end as the [[sons of Fëanor]] kill [[Dior|Dior Eluchíl]]. [[Celegorm]], [[Curufin]] and [[Caranthir]] are also killed in the Second Kinslaying.  
* [[Eluréd]] and [[Elurín]] are abandoned to die.
* [[Sack of Doriath|The Second Kinslaying]]. The [[Sons of Fëanor]] attach [[Doriath]] seeking the [[Silmaril]].<ref name="Years">{{WJ|Years}}, p. 351</ref>
* [[Elwing]] escapes from Doriath with the last [[Silmarils|Silmaril]], and comes to the [[Havens of Sirion]].
* [[Dior]] slays [[Celegorm]], [[Curufin]] and [[Caranthir]]. Dior, and his wife [[Nimloth of Doriath|Nimloth]], are killed.<ref name="Doriath"/>
* [[Eluréd]] and [[Elurín]] are abandoned to die.<ref name="Years"/>
* [[Elwing]] flees Doriath with the last [[Silmarils|Silmaril]].<ref name="Doriath">{{S|Doriath}}</ref>
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*''[[The Silmarillion]]'', [[Of the Ruin of Doriath]]
[[Category: First Age years]]

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