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First War

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The First Conflict

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First War with Melkor
Beginning: VY 1End: VY 1499
Place: All of Arda
Outcome: Victory for the Valar, Formation of Arda
Major battles: Many and various
Valar and Maiar of ArdaMelkor
35px Oromë Måns Björkman - Morgoth design.pngMorgoth

Before Arda was fully formed and any being dwelt there, Melkor tried to frustrate the purpose of Ilúvatar. During the early Valian Years, Melkor battled the other Valar and marred Arda during its formation. This was the titanic First War against Melkor where he struggled to undo the work of the Valar, demolishing mountains they created, raising up valleys they brought into existence, and spilling seas they had carved. This titanic conflict occurred in prehistory, and the Elves knew only what the Powers told them of it. This duel was for nothing less than dominion over Arda, and much was at stake. The battles fought were unnamed, but numerous. Melkor prevailed for ages, and then at last came a Vala from the far heaven he could not challenge. This was Tulkas the Strong, and he quickly drove Melkor from Arda, into the Outer Darkness. It was at this point that Aulë created the two Lamps for the illumination of all Middle Earth. The Valar set them upon high pillars-- Illiun in the north, and Ormal in the south. These Lamps of the Valar filled all of Arda with light. It was then that seed Yavanna had planted sprouted and took root, and the earth was filled plants from mosses to large trees. [1]


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