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Floi Stonehand.jpg
Biographical Information
LocationLonely Mountain
AffiliationBalin's Colony
DeathT.A. 2989
Dimrill Dale
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Flói

Flói was a dwarf of Erebor.

[edit] History

Flói was a member of Balin's Colony who tried to reclaim Moria in T.A. 2989. When they reached the Mirrormere, there was a great battle. Flói was valorous, but was killed by a Goblin arrow.

Although against the Dwarven traditions[1], he was buried under the grass near the Mirrormere. His death was recorded in the Book of Mazarbul.[2]

[edit] Portrayal in Adaptations

2001-9: The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game:

Flói Stonehand is a loremaster.


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