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Flambard Took

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Flambard Took
Biographical Information
Locationthe Shire
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Flambard Took was one of the thirteen recorded grandchildren of Gerontius, the Old Took. Flambard's father was Isembard, one of Gerontius' younger sons, making Flambard a first cousin of Bilbo Baggins. Indeed, Flambard and Bilbo were close contemporaries, being born just three years apart. Though he lived for a hundred and two years, Flambard did not survive to see Bilbo's famous Birthday Party, but many of his descendants (including Adelard, Reginard and Everard Took) were present to see Bilbo vanish.


Like many other members of the Took clan, Flambard's name has military connections: a flambard is a large sword with a waved or flame-shaped blade.