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Folde was an ancient and historic region of Rohan, close to the King's courts in Edoras, which indeed originally held the King's seat at the town of Aldburg.[1]

The Folde was the centre of the kingdom. Its boundary eastward was roughly a line South-west from the junction of the Snowbourn and Entwash to the mountains; the Eastfold was the land from that line east to the Fenmark between Entwash and the mountains;[2] the Westfold was along the mountains as far as the River Isen.[3]

The defensive center of the Folde and Eastfold was at Edoras.


In Old English, folde means "earth, land, country".[4] It has the approximate meaning 'bosom of the Earth', which shows its importance in Rohan's early history.[source?]


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