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Ford of Brithiach

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The Ford of Brithiach was an important ford of the River Sirion. The crossing was in the upper part of the river's course, on the northern borders of Brethil just south of where the Dry River once flowed into the Sirion. A road led across it from West Beleriand into Dimbar, and then on into the perilous valley of Nan Dungortheb.[1] Below the ford there was no means of crossing the river until it reached Doriath.[2]

Húrin and Huor were pursued by Orcs to the ford where they would have perished but that Ulmo raised a mist from the Sirion that hid them while they crossed the Brithiach into Dimbar.[3]

[edit] Etymology

The ford is often referred to simply as "The Brithiach", a name that comes from the Elvish for 'gravel crossing' (Sindarin brith "gravel" + iach "ford").


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