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Forest of Region

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The Forest of Region was the forest, primarily made up of holly. Early in the First Age the Tatyar rested in its woods.[1]

Region formed the southern and greater part of the Kingdom of Doriath. It was bounded by the rivers Aros and Esgalduin south of Dor Dinen, and the Girdle of Melian. Menegroth lay in that forest.


Region is given as Doriathrin[2]. The base is the word reg "holly tree", with perhaps the toponymical ending -ion *"holly-land" or a plural genitive ending -ion (as in Quenya), having the meaning *"(Land) of Hollies".[3]

Note that the name is unrelated to the English word "region (of land)", and thus is to be pronounced with a hard g.[4]

Compare Eregion.


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