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The Tolkien Society Forodrim was founded in Sweden in 1972 and is one of the oldest Tolkien fan organizations.

The Society has an especially active group interested in Tolkienian linguistics, Mellonath Daeron. The Forodrim also supports the publication Arda.

Forodrim is Sindarin for "People of the North".


Members of Note

Anders Stenström (a.k.a. Beregond) and Åke Bertenstam.

Costumes & Hierarchy & Heraldry

Forodrim is a unique Tolkien society in that has a hierarchical feudal membership structure whereby membership duration and involvement provides for a higher level. In addition, Forodrim requires members to appear in medieval / Middle-earth attire at events. Forodrim also has a strong focus on Middle-earth heraldry.


As at 2011, Forodrim has a number of guilds:

  • Mellonath Daeron, the guild of languages
  • Mellonath Gobennas, the guild of history
  • Mellonath Dineth, the guild of dance


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