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Forthwini (Third Age c. 1865 – c. 1950, aged approx. 85 years) was the second Lord of the Éothéod while they lived in the Vales of Anduin. He was the son of Marhwini.

During Forthwini's rule his spies learned that the Wainriders, a tribe of Easterlings who had invaded decades earlier, had recovered and were allying themselves with other forces in the East. He alerted King Ondoher of Gondor of the growing threat, and later the Éothéod joined the armies of Gondor in battle against the invaders. Though Ondoher was slain, his successor Eärnil II eventually destroyed the Wainriders. There is no record of Forthwini's fate.


  Marhwini, first Lord of the Éothéod


The name means "forth-friend" in Gothic. The second element -wini is an archaci form of -wine seen in Rohirric names (like Folcwine)

Preceded by:
Lord of the Éothéod
III c.1905 – c.1950
Followed by:
eventually Frumgar