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In addition to several edits, I've also created a couple of articles, but they seem to have disappeared today. One was for the singer Eurielle who has done some stunning Tolkien-related songs, and another was an article regarding the Fourth Age: Total War to go into the modifications (games) section alongside the other Total War mods in there. I may have made some minor format errors (I'm still learning) but I'm pretty sure I got them at least 99% correct.

What's going on?

p.s. I still cannot upload images, although I do seem to be able to embed videos!

The articles disappeared... they were deleted. The Eurielle article was deemed not relevant to TG, while the Fourth Age: Total War article looked copied, was not written in the correct style, and had some major npov issues. --Ederchil (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 13:46, 16 April 2016 (UTC)

1. Perhaps a note before deletion might have given me a chance to make corrections? I had not taken a copy of the FATW article before it was removed and hope I have not lost it all. The article was not copied. I tried to follow the same format as the Third Age mod's article.

2. What is the criteria, then, for "singers"? Must they be associated with official products sanctioned by Tolkien rights holders?


Although I do not know anything of the articles in question, when you are going to create a brand new page or extensively re-write a page, you should build it in your sandbox first. That way if something happens, you have a copy of your work in your sandbox history. It also gives you a chance to work with material over time and get the format right. To make your own sandbox page just go to and you can create it from there. Also, when you are writing anywhere like talk pages, forums, or whatever, indent your reply with colons and sign everything. Like --~~~~ or use the pen icon next to the chainlink. --Elf-esteem 02:19, 17 April 2016 (UTC)

I set up another article for the Fourth Age: Total War mod, using the Lord of the Rings Total War article as a base and it has been deleted. I improved upon the base article and kept it short so as to not fall foul of any other issues. I am a Tolkien fan, have knowledge in certain related areas, and know my grammar, punctuation and spelling (as you will see from my other edits to the wiki). The base article for LOTR:TW has gross errors in it and yet remains up. Why? Surely anyone could see that if my contribution was not good enough, then that one was not good enough either? I don't understand what measures you guys are using. And it's a pity because the mod you just deleted is the one that would appeal the most to Tolkien purists (being based on the books and very particular about lore accuracy - not to mention that it also contains a lot of encyclopaedic information and is the oldest and most polished of just about any modification for that series).

Guys, I give up. You've lost a contributor.