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I was told that, at least for certain prominent characters (like Gandalf), there needs to be a discussion before changing the top pictures of characters.

Well, I want to discuss the top pictures for Gandalf and for Lúthien Tinúviel.

The current top picture of Gandalf is:
Donato Giancola - Gandalf- Shadow of the Past.jpeg
To be honest, considering that Gandalf is a developed character for both The Hobbit and for The Lord of the Rings, this has never struck me as archetypal portrayal of Gandalf, his appearance and his personality. But I did find an image in Category:Images of Gandalf that seemed to capture these things like a hammer on a nail, so to say:
This seems to capture everything—his appearance description, his usual demeanor, and it seems the most common denominator for his portrayal in the two stories he's featured so prominently in, even down to the weed he likes to smoke. Shall we use this one?

As for Lúthien, her current top picture is:
Ted Nasmith - Lúthien at Tol Galen.jpg
To be honest, I never thought this picture captured her in an adequate portrait style. I mean, it is a portrait (she's centered and all), and it's at her later home in Tol Galen. But if there's one thing that comes to mind about Lúthien more than anything else, it is that she is described as being the most beautiful child of Eru Ilúvatar who ever lived. This picture doesn't seem to capture the beauty of her face at all—it only vaguely barely hints at what her face might look like. In addition, if this picture portrays her specifically in the latter part of her life, it misses an important detail—after a certain point during the Quest of the Silmaril (after she magically grew her hair long to make rope à la Rapunzel), Lúthien's hair started to grow exceptionally dark in color, while the hair in this picture still has brownish highlights. But there's another most recently drawn picture by Anya Valle that struck me immediately as the perfect portrait of Lúthien to put all others instantly to shame:
In this, you can see just how her description matches her portrayed appearance. She is described as beautiful, and her face is absolutely flawless. Shall we use this one?

- Gilgamesh 05:54, 4 March 2010 (UTC)