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I noticed Ebakunin has begun the task of adding a disambig link to characters who have the same name as other characters, awesome. So I went ahead and created a template to make this easier. However I realized a few other wikis might have a better idea. For example people who search for Aragorn, 99% of the time are looking for Aragorn II, so why not make Aragorn the primary page for it? Then we can have a Aragorn (disambiguation) page which lists all the Aragorn's. An example of this can be seen on Wikipedia's SI article. SI has other meanings, but the most obvious is written on the SI page, with a link at the top to a disambig page. Now there are some circumstances where out of all the characters, none particularly stand out, in which case we can simply continue with our current method. What do you guys think? --Hyarion 01:32, 21 April 2006 (EDT)