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Hello, I'm the one who post a link in the forum about 9 months ago called Grand Middle-Earth Visual Family Tree. As someone point it out, the size and type of the file was causing some problems. Many others were also complaining about the fact that the hobbits were not present in the tree. I'm glad to tell you that those problems are now over. I decide today to let everyone have the original EXCEL sheet (xlsx) that now contain the updated original tree plus a full hobbits tree. All of this in a 10,22Mb single Excel file. You can download it at:

Leave me comments on my website about my work. It took me about 2 months doing the two trees in my free times. I just want some feedbacks, positives or negatives.


François aka Turk_182

Thanks very much! Still, on my Excell it doesn’t fully open - it doesn’t go beyond column IV.
(BTW, you could have put this on the page of the previous discussion. It rises automatically to the top of the list again, it shows up to users tracking that page and it prevents fragmentation of the discussion.) — Mithrennaith 06:49, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
Also I thank you for taking heed with our suggestions. I'd further suggest that you should divide the file into smaller ones. I remember you had a timeline, a legend and other information in the same file. How about having a separate file for each one? BTW the file doesn't open at all in OpenOffice, at least with my hardware. Sage 11:05, 14 March 2010 (UTC)