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Hello ! I'm sorry to disturb you, but as a french guy, I usually use your encyclopedia to secure my sources about some informations of Tolkien. Currently doing some researches about Samwise and his family, I read the articles about his daugthers and sons but I find something odd for me. All of them are named Gardner. I think this is a big error because the appendix C, where you could find the genealogical tree of the Gamgee family, only Frodo (son of Sam) is named specifically by Gardner. The first-born, Eleanor take the name of Fairbairn when she married Fastred and Goldilocks become a Took but before that, they remains, all with theirs siblings, Gamgees. Plus, in the indexes (in the LotR and in the LotR's Companion), they are all noted with the name Gamgee not Gardner, save Frodo and his descendants. Or maybe you have a reference I don't have myself, so I'm curious to learn it. Thanks by advance for your answers, and sorry for my english. Druss 12:49, 17 June 2014 (UTC) EDIT : Sorry for the title: you have to read Gardner vs Gamgee (not Gamegie which is the french translation !)