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Hi! First of all, thank you all for the great work! I'm a newcomer here and there are my suggestions what might we (me, personally) do to make TG even better:

  • More linguistic info. I noticed some articles lack info on etymology of their titles and others have it inside the text so it is hard to find what a title means. Maybe we could put this info in the special template blocks (like for pronounciation now) and provide some formalism by creating special templates/categories like "Sindarin term", "Westron term" and so on. I also started to make original Tengwar transcriptions for the Elvish titles (see how it looks on Arnor for instance). If someone would like to get on it too, Online tengwar transcriber makes a great help in that.
  • More references. To make the information looking reliable and verifiable I think it is a good idea to provide every article with the references to work of JRRT (or others) where this info come from (book and chapter, as minimum). We also can create another template box for this purpose.
  • Geographical articles need maps. Now I play with artificial 3D landcapes generator, so I think I'll be able soon to make few ones in "Google sat maps" style (at least for main realms and regions) without copyrights and licensing issues.
  • More chronological info. I think we can follow the Wikipedia way to have special category of articles for separate years.

These ideas come from my first glance on TG. Let's discuss it.

--Vardo 04:28, 25 July 2006 (EDT)