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I've noticed that there are lots of twins in the world of Arda. All of them are related to each other except Fili and Kili, who are Dwarves. I was hoping that someone who knows something about genetics can make some conclusions about them. Unsigned comment by The Lord Rhys (talk • contribs). File:TWINS IN MIDDLE.jpg

Good observation Lord Rhys. I seem to notice at least one mistake in the image however, I believe it is supposed to be Haldar instead of Haldor. To keep this wiki-related I think it would be a good idea if we write an article about Twins in Middle-earth since it seems to be a rather popular theme. I am not doctor but I believe having twins is only related to the female partner so descendants of the male twin having twins would only be a coincidence. It's possible twins were simply more common in Arda. Thanks for bringing this up though and we look forward to your future edits :) --Hyarion 14:04, 10 November 2006 (EST)