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* [[Elfstan Fairbairn]] born
* Birth of [[Elfstan Fairbairn]], son of [[Fastred of Greenholm]] and [[Elanor Gardner]] ([[Shire Reckoning|S.R.]] 1454).<ref>{{App|Later}}</ref>
* Death of [[Imrahil]] of [[Dol Amroth]].<ref name="Dol">{{PM|Elendil}}, The Line of Dol Amroth, p. 221</ref>
* [[Elphir]], son of Imrahil, becomes the twenty-third [[Princes of Dol Amroth|Prince]] of [[Dol Amroth]].<ref name="Dol"/>
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[[Category:Fourth Age years|Fourth Age 0034]]

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