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ParentageDáin I
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Frór (Third Age 2552 – 2589, aged 37 years) was a dwarf of Durin's folk and the second son of King Dáin I. During his short life his people lived in the Grey Mountains, where they were threatened by Dragons. In 2589 both Frór and his father were killed by a great Cold-drake.

Frór's older brother Thrór then became King of Durin's Folk and led part of his house back to Lonely Mountain. The rest of Durin's folk traveled East to the Iron Hills with the youngest brother Grór, who founded his own realm.


           Dáin I
    |        |        |
    |        |        |
  Thrór     FRÓR     Grór
    |                 |
    |                 |
Thráin II            Náin