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ParentageThráin II
Physical Description

Frerin (Third Age 2751 – 2799, aged 48 years) was a Dwarf of the royal line of Durin's folk, the second son of King Thráin II. His older brother was the Dwarven hero Thorin II Oakenshield and his younger sister was Dís. Like his siblings he was driven to exile from Lonely Mountain when the dragon Smaug sacked the kingdom. He later took part in the bloody War of the Dwarves and Orcs, even though he was still very young at the time. In the final conflict of the war, the Battle of Azanulbizar, he was part of the first assault that took great losses. Frerin took refuge in a thicket near lake Mirrormere, along with his cousin distant Fundin and other Dwarven warriors, but they were tracked down and slaughtered.


             Thráin II 
      |          |          |
      |          |          |
 Thorin II     FRERIN      Dís
Oakenshield                 |         
                        |       |  
                        |       |  
                       Fíli   Kíli