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Months in the Bree Calendar
  1. Frery* (January)
  2. Solmath (February)
  3. Rethe (March)
  4. Chithing* (April)
  5. Thrimidge (May)
  6. Lithe* (June)
  7. Mede* (July)
  8. Wedmath (August)
  9. Harvestmath* (September)
  10. Wintring* (October)
  11. Blooting* (November)
  12. Yulemath* (December)
*Differ from Shire names.

Frery was the first month of the Bree and Eastfarthing calendars, corresponding to the Afteryule in the Shire Calendar. It was the thirty days immediately following the holiday of Yule, running from modern 23 December to 21 January.[1]


Frery represents Old English frēorig meaning "freezing".[2]


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