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"I shan't call it the end, till we've cleared up the mess." — Sam
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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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This article is about the Ring-bearer. For the the son of Samwise Gamgee, see Frodo Gardner.
Frodo Baggins
Biographical Information
Other namesSee Names below
LocationBag End, Hobbiton, Valinor
BirthSeptember 22, T.A. 2968
DeathDate unknown, Valinor
ParentageDrogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck
Physical Description
HeightTaller than most Hobbits
Hair colorBrown
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Frodo Baggins was a Hobbit of the Third Age, the most famous of all Hobbits in the histories for his leading role in the Quest of the Ring. During this epic quest, he bore the One Ring to Mount Doom and there destroyed it, giving him renown like no other Halfling throughout Middle-earth. He is also peculiar for being, as a Ring-bearer, one of the three Hobbits who sailed from Middle-earth to Aman, there to die in peace.



Main Article: History of Frodo Baggins

Frodo was born to Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck on September 22nd, Third Age 2968. He spent much of his youth at Brandy Hall in Buckland, the home of his mother's family. He was considered something of a rascal, particularly by Farmer Maggot from whom Frodo stole mushrooms. In 2980, when Frodo was only twelve years old, he lost both his parents who took a boat out onto the Brandywine River and drowned. With no siblings, Frodo was taken in by the Brandybucks to live at Brandy Hall until his cousin, Bilbo Baggins, adopted him and made Frodo his heir.

War of the Ring

Lure of Expedience by Rob Alexander.
Frodo was entrusted with the keeping of the One Ring when Bilbo left for Rivendell after the celebration of his 111th birthday. Gandalf warned Frodo that the Ring must never be used and should be kept secret. (At the time, he was not yet certain that it was a Ring of Power.) Frodo kept the Ring hidden for seventeen years, until T.A. 3018, when Gandalf returned to confirm that it was indeed the One Ring. Gandalf sent him away with Sam Gamgee, who was Frodo's gardener and eventually his dearest friend. Frodo pretended to go live at a new house at Crickhollow, to make his going away seem more legitimate. It was there that his friends Peregrin Took (also called Pippin) and Meriadoc Brandybuck (also called Merry) forced Frodo to allow them to go along with him. The hobbits went into the Old Forest, where they got lost. However, a man named Tom Bombadil rescued them and brought them to his son, later sending them along the right road again. The hobbits made it to Bree, where they met a man named Strider, who seemed to know more about the danger they were in then they did themselves. The Ringwraiths, servants of the Dark Lord Sauron, caught up with the group at Weathertop, where Frodo was stabbed by a Morgul blade. Frodo almost faded and became a servant of the Dark Lord, but he was brought to House of Elrond, Elrond healed him. There, at Elrond's Council, it was decided that the Ring must be destroyed by casting it into the Crack of Doom. A Fellowship was formed to protect Frodo as the Ring-bearer. His quest to destroy the Ring forms a large portion of The Lord of the Rings. Eventually, he succeeded in reaching Orodruin, where, at the last moment, he attempted to claim the Ring, whose power had grown too great for him. However, at that moment he was attacked by Gollum, who seized the Ring and then fell into the fire with it, thus destroying the Ring.

Two years after the destruction of the Ring, still troubled by the wounds he received during the War of the Ring, Frodo and Bilbo as Ring-bearers were given the right to travel to Valinor where, though remaining mortal, they might rest and be healed, together with Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel. They boarded a ship from the Grey Havens and passed over the sea on September 29, T.A. 3021. Having no children of his own, Frodo left his estate and passed on the Red Book to Samwise Gamgee who followed Frodo across the sea 61 years later, following the death of his wife Rose (nee) Cotton.

Frodo's Struggles

Corruption by Olanda Fong-Surdenas.

Notably, Frodo Baggins never actually killed anything in the course of his Quest. He did, however, stand up to fight against some formidable adversaries. He foolishly attempted to fight the Nazgûl at Weathertop, and he stabbed a troll in the foot in Moria to keep it from forcing open a door.

Frodo was wounded several times in his Quest. The first came when he tried to fight the Nazgul at Weathertop and was stabbed with a Morgul blade. He was later knocked out by an orc's thrown spear in Moria, but the mithril armor Bilbo Baggins had given him saved his life. He was poisoned by Shelob in the pass of Cirith Ungol and later questioned (and whipped) by orcs in the tower. Finally, Gollum bit off his finger to obtain the One Ring as they struggled inside Mount Doom.

Description and Equipment

Frodo's only real description is Gandalf's, and he is declared a "stout fellow with red cheeks." He was a tall hobbit, and fairer than most of his kind, with a cleft chin, a bright eye, and a perky personality.

Frodo carried a small Elven sword (actually a dagger) called Sting and wore a coat of Dwarven chainmail made of Mithril under his clothes, both given to him by Bilbo. At Lothlórien, Galadriel gave him an Elven cloak that blends him in with the natural surroundings and a phial carrying the light of the star Eärendil to aid him on his quest.

Before Frodo went back to the Shire (after the Quest of the Ring was completed), Arwen Evenstar, wife of Aragorn and daughter of Elrond, gave Frodo a white stone to wear around his neck.

Etymology and Translations

The name Frodo Baggins is an English translation of his Westron name Maura Labingi. The name Maura has the element maur- (wise, experienced), which Tolkien equivalated to the Germanic element frod- of the same meaning. Frodo's name in Sindarin was Iorhael ("old-wise") although in some instance he is mentioned as Daur (probably lenited form of taur).

In the German translation he is called Frodo Beutlin, in Spanish, Frodo Bolsón, in French, Frodon Sacquet, in Norwegian, Frodo Lommelun, in Danish, Frodo Sækker, in Faroese, Fróði Pjøkin in Finnish, Frodo Reppuli and in Dutch, Frodo Balings. In one of three Polish translations he is called Frodo Bagosz, but he keeps his original name in the other two.

Names and epithets

The Line of Frodo

Balbo Baggins
Berylla Boffin
Mungo Baggins(grandfather of Bilbo)
Largo Baggins
Tanta Hornblower
Dora Baggins
Drogo Baggins
Primula Brandybuck
Dudo Baggins
Frodo Baggins
Daisy Baggins
Griffo Boffin

Portrayal in Adaptations

1955: BBC Radio's The Lord of the Rings:

Oliver Burt provided the voice of Frodo.

1978: The Lord of the Rings (1978 film):

Frodo was voiced by Christopher Guard. Sharon Baird was the model for Frodo in the live-action recordings Bakshi used for rotoscoping.

1979: Mind's Eye's The Lord of the Rings:

The voice of Frodo is provided by James Arrington.

1980: The Return of the King (1980 film):

Frodo was voiced by Orson Bean, who had previously played Bilbo in The Hobbit (1977 film).

1981: BBC Radio's The Lord of the Rings:

Frodo is voiced by Ian Holm.

1992: BBC Radio's Tales from the Perilous Realm:

In two episodes telling of the meeting of Frodo and Tom Bombadil, Nigel Planer provided the voice of Frodo.

2001-3: The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy:

Frodo is played by Elijah Wood. He is portrayed as slightly younger than his character in the book.

2002: Vivendi's The Fellowship of the Ring:

Frodo is one of the player characters. He is voiced by Steve Staley.

2011: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North:

Frodo is mentioned as "Frodo the Ringbearer", one of the much honored heroes of the War of the Ring, in the introduction of the game.
In The Prancing Pony Aragorn tells that he is waiting on a Hobbit with an important burden, this refers to Frodo and the One Ring.[1]
Latter in the game, Frodo appears in Rivendell.

2012-3: The Hobbit films:

Elijah Wood will reprise his role as Frodo Baggins.[2]

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