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The Galadhrim were the inhabitants of Lothlórien, the wood ruled by Galadriel and her husband Celeborn.

The Galadhrim were Sindar elves, meaning that though they had seen Valinor, they did not posses the same unearthly power of their Noldor brethren. In the elf kingdom of Mirkwood, Sindar were childlike and playful. But their kindred, the Galadhrim, were more wise and serene.

They were exceptional archers, having honed this skill over many centuries. Perhaps most notable was Haldir, who caught the Fellowship of the Ring (including Legolas) entirely unaware, bow drawn and ready to shoot.

The Galadhrim defended their home against orcs, who attacked around the end of the Third Age, just before Sauron was destroyed. The Galadhrim weathered all of the attacks. For a more complete history of these battles, see Lothlórien.