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Galdor (Lord of Dor-lómin)

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Galdor was the son of Hador and succeeded his father as Lord of Dor-Lomin. He married Hareth and had two sons - Húrin and Huor. Galdor had a younger brother named Gundor and an older sister named Glóredhel.

Galdor was noted for his exceptional height, even among the Edain, and was also called Galdor the Tall. He led the people of Hador when they were at the peak of their power, before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

In The Book of Lost Tales Galdor was also the name of a lord of Gondolin.

In The Lord of the Rings, a character with the same name appears, an Elven lord of the Grey Havens who takes part in the Council of Elrond. For information on this character see: Galdor of the Havens. He may be the same character as the Noldorin Galdor of Gondolin.