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Galdor of the Tree

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(For other characters see Galdor (disambiguation))

Galdor was a Noldorin Elf, who lived in Gondolin during the First Age, and was the leader of the Folk of the Tree. He was said to be the bravest Elf of Gondolin, save king Turgon himself. He carried either a great club or spear, and wore green. After the Fall of Gondolin he fled southwards to the Mouths of Sirion, after leading the scouts before the exiles on their escape. It is said he later returned to the Undying Lands, and dwelt on Tol Eressëa.

In late writings (see The History of Middle-earth), Tolkien speculated that Galdor of the Trees and Galdor of the Havens may have been the same, but ultimately rejected the notion. If Galdor had remained behind, he would either have completely rejected the call of the Valar, and thus had fallen, or he would have had to leave and then return like Glorfindel did, which would make him a far more powerful person than his appearance in The Lord of the Rings suggests. For this reason Tolkien speculated that "Galdor" was simply a common Sindarin name (see also The Peoples of Middle-earth).