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Galion was a Wood-elf who served as butler in Thranduil's halls in northeastern Mirkwood[1]



Galion served King Thranduil (and presumably also Thranduil's son Legolas). It was Galion's love of wine that gave Bilbo a chance to free Thorin and his companions when they were imprisoned there during the Quest of Erebor. On a night of feasting, the butler drank deeply with his friend the captain of the guards: so deeply that both fell asleep. With the aid of the captain's keys and his Magic Ring, Bilbo was able to rescue the Dwarves and organise a daring waterborne escape.[1]


The name Galion is said to be not Sindarin, although perhaps "'Sindarized' in shape".[2][note 1]

Portrayal in adaptations

1968: The Hobbit (1968 radio series):

Peter Baldwin provided the voice of Galion.

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

This video game depicts only Galion, and not the Captain of the Guard. The butler does not succumb to drunkenness, but because Bilbo puts three herbs - Moonleaf, Willowweed and Spider's Bane - in his mug. This change was possibly made to ensure a more favourable game rating.


  1. For a name given the same description, cf. Esgaroth.


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