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Gandalf (band)

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Gandalf was a finnish 5-piece Melodic Death Metal formed in 1993. Although their first work was pure Death metal later they changed their style into Gothenburg style with Hard Rock elements. They split up in 2002, having recorded two full-length albums.



Jari Hurskainen - Vocals Timo Nyberg - Guitar Harri Hytönen - Guitar Kimmo Aroluoma - Bass Nalle Österman - Drums

Former Members

Santtu Sierilä (1994-97 Sami Vauhkonen (1997-99) Toni Näykki (2000) Niku (1993) Tommi Launonen (1994) Kirka Sainio (1995-99) Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen (1993)


Deadly Fairytales (1999) Rock Hell (2001)