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From the southern slopes of the [[Lonely Mountain]], two long ridges of rock were thrust out, forming the narrow valley in which the town of [[Dale]] stood. At the head of this valley was the wide arched entrance of the [[Kingdom under the Mountain]], the '''Gate of Erebor'''.<ref>{{H|Thror}}</ref> Out of the gateway sprang the stream that grew into the River [[River Running|Running]].<ref>{{H|Home}}</ref>
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The gate was the site of at least two sieges. In the year he reclaimed the Lonely Mountain, King [[Thorin|Thorin]] needed to defend his ancient home against [[Elves]] and [[Men]], and built a strong wall across the Gateway,<ref>{{H|Gathering}}</ref> though at that time battle was avoided.<ref>{{H|Burst}}</ref> His successor [[Dáin Ironfoot|Dáin II Ironfoot]] was less fortunate: he fell in battle during the [[War of the Ring]] at the threshold of the Gate, but it protected his people in the short and unsuccessful siege that followed.<ref>{{App|Great}}</ref>
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