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Gate of Writhen Iron

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Gate of Writhen Iron
Other namesIron Gate, Fourth Gate
LocationFourth gate on the Orfalch Echor
AppearanceFour-towered wall of iron, tri-gate of slender iron decor

The Gate of Writhen Iron was the fourth of the Seven Gates of Gondolin. It spanned the highest point of the canyon; after this gate, it widened out and became somewhat green and dotted with uilos. The wall and four towers appeared to be wrought of iron, and no lanterns hung from the ramparts. The wall was the thickest of all the Seven Gates. Between the two inner towers was the iron image of Thorondor, King of Eagles. The gate itself was made of three layers, each of iron wrought in the shapes of trees bearing flowers and leaves. Through these could be seen the sky. The gate followed the Gate of Bronze and is followed by the Gate of Silver.