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The '[[Wolf-Men]]', the name of the outlaw band to which [[Túrin]] joined himself for a time after he left [[Doriath]].
[[Image:Alan Lee - Túrin Among the Outlaws.jpg|thumb|250px|''Túrin Among the Outlaws'' by [[Alan Lee]]]]
'''Gaurwaith''' ("Wolf-Men" in [[Sindarin]]) was the name of the outlaw band which [[Algund]] and also [[Túrin|Túrin Turambar]] joined for a time.<ref>{{CH|4}}, p. 99</ref>
[[Category:Sindarin demonyms]]
[[de:Die Geächteten]]

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Túrin Among the Outlaws by Alan Lee

Gaurwaith ("Wolf-Men" in Sindarin) was the name of the outlaw band which Algund and also Túrin Turambar joined for a time.[1]


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