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Eugene C. Hargrove (October 1944) is a philosophy professor at the University of North Texas. He was introduced to Tolkien by the Ace paperback, and became interested in music after hearing Donald Swann's take and not liking it.




  • 1986: Mythlore # 47
    • "Who is Tom Bombadil"
  • 1986: Teaching Philosophy
    • "Moria, A Computer Simulation for Introductory Philosophy"
  • 1988: Demonstrating Philosophy: Novel Ways to Teach Philosophical Concepts
    • "Moria, A Computer Simulation for Introductory Philosophy"
  • 1995: Beyond Bree
    • (January): "Music in Middle-earth"
  • 2003: Beyond Bree
    • (March): "Invisibility in Middle-Earth: A Tentative Theory"
    • (October): "Choice and Providential Determinism in Middle-Earth"
  • 2004: Beyond Bree
    • (November): "Lying, Being Mistaken, and Not Knowing in Middle-Earth"
  • 2006: J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment, entries
    • "Adventures of Tom Bombadil"
    • "Farmer Giles"
    • "Tom Bombadil"



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