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Gentle Giant Studios is a company located in Burbank, California that was founded in 2002 by Karl Meyer. They are pioneeres in digital scanning and scanned many of the principle actors from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Ring's trilogy while on set/location in New Zeland.

The company also has a collectibles division, known as "'Gentle Giant, Ltd.'" which produces polystone mini-busts and animated maquettes from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings.

List of released mini-busts:

Strider - Limited to 2000 pieces - release date March 2007 Ringwraith - Limited to 2000 pieces - release date March 2007

Upcoming mini-busts:

Gandlaf Balrog Saruman Elrond Sam in Orc Armor Frodo in Orc Armor Glorfindel - seen at Toy Fair 2007 - Rumored to be a convention exclusive

Upcoming Maquettes:

Gandalf Saruman Ringwraith on Steed Legolas & Gimli

Rumored Statues:

Witchking on Fellbeast

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