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Gentle Giant Studios is a company located in Burbank, California that was founded by animator Karl Meyer. They are pioneers in digital 3-D scanning and scanned many of the principle actors from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Ring's trilogy while on set/location in New Zealand during filming.

The company also has a collectibles division, known as "'Gentle Giant, Ltd.'" which was founded in 2002 and produces polystone mini-busts and animated maquettes from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings.

List of released mini-busts:

Strider - Limited to 2000 pieces - release date March 2007 Ringwraith - Limited to 2000 pieces - release date March 2007

Upcoming mini-busts:

Gandlaf Balrog Saruman Elrond Sam in Orc Armor Frodo in Orc Armor Glorfindel - seen at Toy Fair 2007 - Rumored to be a convention exclusive

Upcoming Maquettes:

Gandalf Saruman Ringwraith on Steed Legolas & Gimli

Rumored Statues:

Witchking on Fellbeast

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