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Gerontius Took

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Gerontius Took
Biographical Information
Other namesOld Took
LocationGreat Smials, Tuckborough
BirthS.R. 1190
DeathS.R. 1320
ParentageFortinbras Took I
Physical Description
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Geontius Took (T.A. 2790 - 2920, died aged 130), also called "Old Took", was the only son of Fortinbras Took I. Gerontius married Adamanta Chubb, who gave birth to thirteen children. One of these children was Bilbo Baggins' mother Belladonna Took. T.A. 2848 after the death of his father, Gerontius became the twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire. He was a friend of Gandalf the wizard, who gave him a pair of magic diamond studs, Gerontius loved his magic fireworks, too. Gerontius Took reached the impressive age of 130, which made him the second oldest Hobbit (after Bilbo), that ever lived.


The word element geron is latin for old. J. R. R. Tolkien used the name Gerontius not, because of the Hobbit's age, but because of his numerous and younger relatives.