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Gil-Galad (Tolkien Society)

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Gil-galad is the Tolkien society in Slovenia.



The Slovenian Tolkien Society Gil-galad (Slovensko Tolkienovo društvo Gil-galad) was founded in 1998. Gil-galad was initially supported by Dutch Tolkien collectors Jan Boom (a.k.a. Fangorn) and Peter-Willem Schellen (a.k.a. Fëanor) and later on by the Italian Tolkien Society.

Gil-galad became very active early on and continues to have a strong focus on live action role playing. Gil-galad typically attends Italian Tolkien Society events but has also attended other European Tolkien events since inception.


Gil-galad typically holds a monthly meeting somewhere in Slovenia. Gil-galad also organizes annual events.


Gil-galad is usually consulted on Tolkien related matters (the books and movies) in the Slovenian media.

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