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Gilminuial is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Gilminuial is a ship of the Rangers of the North under the command of Aranhir. The ships sails up and down the Baranduin to provide many much-needed suplies for the Wardens of Annúminas during their fights with the Angmarim and Tomb-robbers.[1] In T.A. 3018 they were beset by a storm. The ship was grounded and their supplies were lost, though the player recovered several of their supplies.[1] The crew were washed away, several drowned at Evendim and some near Buckland. All members of the crew survived the ravage, with the aid of the player all members were found, and started to repair the Gilminuial.[1]

Crew members


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