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Gilrain was a long river that flowed south out of the White Mountains through western Lebennin in the south of Gondor. It was a tributary of the River Serni, joining it above Linhir.[1]

The Gilrain flowed swiftly from its source until at the end of the outlier of the mountains it ran into a wide shallow depression. In this area it wandered for awhile, forming a small mere before it cut through a ridge and fell in waterfalls, from whence it again flowed swiftly towards the sea. Legend said that Nimrodel tarried there upon its banks as she came south out of the White Mountains, falling into a long sleep and thus missing Amroth's ship.[2]


The first element in the Sindarin name Gilrain is gil ("spark"), and the second element derives from the root RAN ("wander, stray").[2][3]


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