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Biographical Information
DeathT.A. 2770
Physical Description
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Girion (d. T.A. 2770[1]) was the last Lord of Dale and had a wife and a son.

He possessed a Necklace made of five hundred emeralds which he gave to the Dwarves for forging his eldest son a coat of dwarf-linked rings.[2]

He witnessed the arrival of Smaug when the dragon assaulted Dale and the neighboring dwarf realm of Erebor.

Girion was killed during that event but his wife and child escaped down the River Running.[3]

171 years later,[1] Bard, assumed to be Girion's descendant, took revenge upon the dragon by slaying him with an arrow.[3] His Necklace was found among the dragon's hoard.


Although the names of Dale are Norse, Girion seems to be a Sindarin name. The meaning is not clear but the Etymologies give a Noldorin root GIR ("quiver, shudder"),[4] which might be related.


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