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Glóin (Son of Gróin)

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{See also Glóin son of Thorin I}

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Physical Description

Glóin (Third Age 2783 – Fourth Age 15, aged 253 years), was a Dwarf of Durin's folk, the son of Gróin, brother of Óin, and a member of Thorin and Company. Glóin also fought in the Battle of Azanulbizar.

He participated in the Quest of Erebor, which was the basis for The Hobbit. Years later, he was present with his son, Gimli, at the Council of Elrond. Like his brother, he was said to be an expert at producing fire. It is also possible if not likely that Glóin fought in the Battle of Dale during the War of the Ring.


       |               |
       |               |
     Fundin          Gróin
       |               |
    ---|---         ---|---
   |       |       |       |
   |       |       |       |
 Balin  Dwalin    Óin    GLÓIN

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